Custom Designed Cakes

Delicious and beautiful! Customized designs that match your selected theme and décor for all of life's special occasions.

Pricing is determined by:

1. Date needed (to make sure of availability. Last min orders may not be accepted but if they are a 20% late fee will be applied.)

2. Number of servings (determines the size of the cake needed)

3. Complexity of design/theme/décor

4. Flavor of cake & Frosting type

    Cake flavors: 

    Traditional Vanilla, Decadent Chocolate, Marvelous 

    Marble, Succulent Red Velvet, Luscious Lemon, 

    Orange Cream, Strawberry Sensation, Cinnamon 

    Apple, Pina Colada

            *Note:    For weddings, Chef Christine recommends to avoid Chocolate and Red Velvet-this will be explained  during your 

                            scheduled cake tasting.

    Frosting types:  

    Vanilla Buttercream, Chocolate Buttercream, Matching 

    flavor buttercream, Traditional Creamcheese, Whipped 

    Creamcheese, Fondant (fondant does not work well with 

     creamchesse or whipped. Only buttercream)


Initiate the conversation about your desired cake with Chef Christine by submitting a message on the Contact page.


Small Party Catering

For groups of 50 people or less. Party platters, Dessert Tables and Hot Food Buffet foods are available. 

Party Platters are priced by platter and each have a designated number of servings

Dessert Tables are priced according to party size up to 50 guests.

Hot Food Buffet is priced per person. You may choose food options from Chef Christine's Menu.

Location of Venue is also accounted for in pricing.

See Menu/Pricing on the drop down list on the Services tab.

Cake Decorating Classes

Classes can be held at a location of your choice or Chef Christine's kitchen. This will be discussed once you contact Chef Christine.

Tools are provided for those who do not have their own to use when classes are held at Chef Christine's kitchen.

IF at your chosen location, students are expected to have their own tools, sharing is permitted.

Class prices are determined by:

1. What students want to learn. (A certain number of classes are given to achieve skills.)

2. Number of participants on an hourly bases

3. Distance to desired location.

Birthday Club

In celebration of a new decade and the year 2020, we want to help you celebrate your birthday in style. When you join our Birthday Club, we will send you a "Cake Club $20 Bill" that you can use as part of your payment for your cake. So if your cake costs $50 you can use your "Cake Club $20" along with your payment and you'd only be spending $30 out of your pocket for a beautifully delicious, uniquely created cake for your birthday or whenever you choose to use it in 2020!

Only 1 entry per household.

Simply fill out the contact card on the "Contact" page and we'll send your "$20 birthday buck" in the mail.

Trust me, you'll love getting THIS $20 bill in the mail!!!  Teehee!

Royalties for the Loyal

Thankyou for being a VALUED and LOYAL customer! Canvas Cakes would be impossible without YOU!!! To show appreciation for our valued and loyal customers, we would like to share a savings opportunity with you. 

When you fill out the contact card on the "Contact" page we will send you the Royalties for the Loyal vouchers to share with 3 NEW potential customers. When these NEW customers submit an order and turn in the vouchers, at order pickup, with your info on them, you will receive 10% discount for each voucher turned in to go towards your next order. That's a savings of up to 30% for you, our valued and loyal customer!

THEN, the NEW customer will receive the same opportunity to share in the savings as well after thier 1st order is completed.

Chef Christine is always looking out for her customers!